On the topic of roadkill

Now there are some good vittles to be had for next to nothing if you know what to look for. There are definitely some dos and don’ts in this now. First tip I’ll throw your way is when perusing some fresh kill keep the ambient temperature in mind.

For example if you in harsh cold and the prospect you find is still warm, you just scored a Hobo Dee scrape and bake! Oh my Lord that’s the best yes sir! Just as well you need to be careful when it’s a tad warm since that old Sun can bake a carcass on asphalt like a Fourth Of July popper. There are some definite considerations when the weather warms up.

One way to avoid a belly ache is to note what other types of varmints are hanging around the recently or not so recently deceased. If you see a bunch of maggots, flies or other some such carrion eater you’d be best to leave that one alone. Another thing to watch for is if the carcass has any worms or other parasites already feasting on it’s luscious flesh.

If none of that is apparent your good to go and you’ll want to follow one of my favorite recipes I’ll put up in another post. Good eating folks!


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