One of Hobo Dee’s favorite recipes

I’ll start off here with an easy one for all ya newbies. But pay attention cause y’all can ruin your find quicker the a revenuer runs from the feds.

Instructions and recipe: 

  1.  A decent sized possum or raccoon, gutted and skinned (hopefully the car or truck did it for you).
  2.  A really big, and I mean big pot, like a big stock pot or some other such utensil.
  3. Water either from the crick or some other trust worthy supply.
  4. Gather up a bunch of wild rosemary if possible or if not some dandelions and wild grass and shoots will do.
  5. Over your fire get the pot to boiling but eventually you’ll only want a simmer since if you leave it at a boil you’ll just ruin the vittles.
  6. Place your dinner in the pot along with the greens and simmer for 5-6 hours
  7. This will give some time to practice your hand harp or just have a few cold ones.
  8. When the meat starts to pull off the bone you’ll know it’s ready for consumption.
  9.  Serve over some noodles and you got what I like to call a Hobo Dee spectacular. MMMMMMMYah!

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