My witticism for today (Camping pt.2 sleeping)

Once you decide on a spot to pitch camp there are some further considerations to take to your sleeping arrangements. Depending on what part of the country you’re in you need to inform yourself of the local wildlife and such. Most areas are bear country I go into so I know that if I don’t hide my food and seal up any stink from my garbage I’m going to get a visit.

This is highly undesirable if you’re like me and like to stare at the stars on a nice night out in the wilderness. Sleeping outdoors has it’s merits. Easy to clean up, easy to go when nature calls and easy to get vertical after a few adult beverages. Just remember that a person in a sleeping bag outside in bear country is also know as “nature’s soft taco” to a bear.

Don’t be bashful now here. Doing your business around the perimeter of your camp sometimes will help keep the critters away so go at it unheeded. Just be sure to keep your sleeping area downwind. Enough said.

Like I always say being for warned is better then being fore skinned, or something like that. At a minimum outdoor life in general requires some sort of protection. And I’m not talking about a raincoat boys. A canister of bear spray at minimum, preferably a large caliber shooting iron or some other such implement of destruction is advised since if need be getting in a tangle with a big critter with an inadequate weapon will just tick them off fierce.

When I’m out by myself I will have a string of cans I can set around so that anything four legged or two will have a surprise coming. They also come in handy for drinking out of when your short on utensils. These tips will help you stay safe and prevent from becoming part of nature’s buffet. Stay safe out there H.D.



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