My witticism for today (Camping Pt. 3 hygiene)

We all know that when your out and about in God’s country that often there are not civilized facilities such as you’ll find in a luxury campground like a Good Sam’s, KOA or some other such city folk campground. After a few days most folk start to get a bit ripe, kind of like that roadkill that you best avoid in my other post.

There are some basics here that you need though. Water, soap of some kind, towel or a roll of paper towels. Water is your biggest challenge most times since it’s a luxury to have a nearby creek or river to utilize as your water source. I prefer the lye soap that my buddy One Eyed Jack makes since it’ll strip the chrome off a trailer hitch. Just don’t use it in your neither regions if you know what I mean. (Don’t ask me how I know this).

You will want something milder for delicate areas but the lye soap will get a week’s worth of road grime off the rest of you quicker then a commie running from a Marine.

Privacy is another concern here especially for us women folk. You never know what two legged perv could be out and about in the surrounding woods just hoping for a chance at some delicate hobo meat. You best watch your six if your by your lonesome and be prepared to defend your honor as needed. Hopefully by now you may have met up with a travel buddy and you can help each other out.

What I prefer is the standard P.T.A. method and get the hell out of the water ASAP. That technique was taught to us girls by my dear Momma on our homestead. If your unfamiliar with that process you all will have to use your google foo or some other method to search for what the abbreviation is since this here is a family forum and I cannot in good conscience list what it stands for.

Anyway, as well you have to also consider cleaning your duds usually at the same time your cleaning yourself (Here’s where Jack’s soap comes in really handy). Be sure to rinse that lye soap well out of your delicate underthings else wise down the road you’ll be jumping around like a toad on a hot metal roof. We’ve just touched on the main clean up needed when on the road, you’ll have other considerations as well that we’ll cover in some future witticisms. Stay safe out there H.D.


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