My Witticism for today (Traveling considerations)

The typical mode of transport in days of old for people on the road was typically riding the rails. You know jumping in an open boxcar and hoping for the best. That may have been a habit back a bit but if you try to do that now you’re taking the chance on getting bushwhacked or at a minimum coming across someone you’d rather not be sharing space next to.

Most of us that have seen Pee Wee’s Big Adventure can relate. And no there is no basement in the Alamo, (That’s a story for a whole another post there yes sir). I tend to cover allot of ground when I travel so I try to make it as comfy as possible. I still haven’t figured out a good on the road urinal though, so any tips there would be most welcome.

So my latest adventure is going to be moving a load of stuff in a trailer up to my Brother John’s place to load it in his barn for safe keeping. I’m talking a real barn here, one that any traveller would welcome on a wet night and a place to throw your bag down at. Looks like one of those barns out of some Andrew Wyeth painting but the girl there had a bit of trouble getting there. Anyway I digress.

I being frugal and of the mind to save a buck when possible figured that a trailer even making more then one trip is far less costly then try to move everything in one trip paying for a regular truck. Man, they wanted so much for that I had contemplated how much I could get for a kidney, but like my liver I need all the kidney I can get so that wasn’t an option.

I’m sure the trip will have some interesting tails of woe and entertainment so keep an eye out for those coming up soon. I’m off to start packing and planning so as always stay safe out there. H.D.



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