My Witticism for today (meeting folk on the road)

We’ve all been there, out traveling and come across a stranger or two in your travels. The skill here is being able to size up that stranger to determine whether he or she is in possession of their faculties or if there’s a can missing from that six pack.

I’ll use yesterday as an example. I am currently throwing my sleeping bag down at my Sister’s house taking a brief respite from the road. She and her Husband live in a fairly small semi rural kind of town that has more then one or two fun watering holes to obtain your adult beverage at and shoot a game of pool.

We went to one of these that is way out in the middle of no where surrounded by corn and sunflower fields. My Sister’s Husband calls it his biker bar hang out. We decided to grab some suds and play some billiards being that I am a proficient pool shark and all. Before we could play there was this here fella playing solo so we figured we just sit a spell and sip our suds.

Well this here fella we’ll call him Johnny left the table so we decide to get up and grab it afore some else can and here he comes back in and asks to play doubles with us since he would make it four. We say sure why not but something seems a bit off about this boy but so far no bells are going off in my head. This used to be easier you know before cell phones.

When you’d see someone yakking to his or herself before cell phones you knew whoa! watch out for that dimwit. Now you can never tell until you get more personal. Well as it turns out ol’ John boy smelled like he’d been taking a bath in an ashtray, you know that chain smoker smell and unwashed clothes just don’t mix. But that was just the beginning friends.

I mention to him that he needs to mix up the rack a bit more even you know and he proceeds to move the balls around slamming them down while saying “Is this good enough”, well that there bell that didn’t go off before is now ringing like a church on Sunday yes sir. I look over at my Sister and her Husband and that silent expression passes between us. You know, the one that says “This guy is batshit crazy”.

My Brother In Law thought he was on meth but we didn’t get a good look at his teeth so we couldn’t be positive. He may of just been from England anyway or some such place as well so that may not have been a good indicator. We just all knew he was on the edge and diving into the realm of being a real freak so we decided we’d had enough pool for the day.

We ended up at another place none of us had been and had a great time shooting pool on a real Jack Daniels table. Now Jack, there’s someone I can relate to for sure. Just remember there’s strength in numbers and don’t turn your back on anyone you meet on the road since you never know what lurks out here. On the flip side the freak had a really cute emotional support dog named “Amigo”. I guess retrospectively that should have been my first clue. Stay safe out there! H.D.