Haven’t written in a long time.

Today’s post is more serious in nature then usual. I’m handing it over to a guest poster today, my Brother-In Law. He wants to post a pledge to those out there that want to see California turn around from the death spiral it is currently in. So here he is:

Hi everyone, thanks Hobo Dee for the platform. Folks if you’re familiar with the problems we face in this once great state then please make a point to get out there and vote. I’ve lived here for almost all of my sixty years and can tell you from experience that was once the golden state is now the barely “lead” state of the Union.

Democratic mismanagement, ridiculous policies and programs have destroyed what should be one of the best places in the USA to live. It can be saved but it will take years and the leadership skills of many that are polar opposites of what we currently suffer.

No one should give up hope in repairing the damage that has been and is currently being done by the current people (I don’t say “leadership”) since they are far from that qualification. I know this i likely to fall on deaf ears since I am definitely a political minority in this state, but I refuse to think that the average person can look at what has been the result of the inept people in office and not want a change. Thank you



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